House of Matchsticks is a SERIES!

One book becomes three … 🖤📜

The secret is out! House of Matchsticks is officially a series! I’m so excited to finally share this announcement with you.

When I sat down to write HoM ...

… it was February 2019 and I was totally unprepared for what writing a book would entail. I’d imagined the world, created the characters, and drawn a roadmap for the story, but I had no idea HoM would take me on the rollercoaster it did.

2 1/2 years later, I’m sitting here with the first three parts of a series on my laptop.

It’s like getting in the car to go to the grocery store … and ending up on the moon. 🌝

I can't wait to introduce you to these books!

HOUSE OF MATCHSTICKS (Part 1), NIGHT OF MATCHSTICKS (Part 2), and TREE OF MATCHSTICKS (Part 3) are the YA novels I’ve been dreaming up for years. They’re written, they’re beta read, they’re edited and copyedited and proofread … and my WIP is a WIP no longer.

The HoM series is the kind of fantasy I’ve always wanted to read. It has steampunk elements, high adventure, forgotten histories, a healthy dose of ancient evil, and LOTS of dreamy slow-burn romance (both straight and LGBTQ+ … enemies to lovers, anyone?). HoM is perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Scott Westerfeld, Disney’s “Atlantis: The Lost Empire“, and Jules Verne’s “A Journey to the Centre of the Earth“.

I love thrilling series with closely-related books.

That’s why I’ve written these three books to be quick, action-packed, affordable reads. Each part leads seamlessly into the next. In other words, HoM is the perfect fantasy world to get lost in this autumn.

So, Fall 2021 is officially the season of House of Matchsticks. Part 1 will drop September 30th everywhere ebooks are sold. Until then, you can expect a blurb reveal, cover reveals, and an introduction to HoM’s three mysterious POV characters 😈

Allow me to welcome you to the House of Matchsticks …


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