Frequently Asked Questions

My first name is pronounced Ell-ee-sah, and my last name is pronounced just as it’s spelled: Downing.

I was born and currently reside in Canada.

I chose to self-publish for a couple of reasons. The first is that indie authors are such a vibrant and cool community that I wanted to be part of! The second is that I loved the idea of being able to oversee every part of the creation of my books, from the cover art to the giveaways.

I’ve been telling and writing my own stories since I was little! When I was eight or nine I liked to write stories based on the characters in my favorite books, movies, and video games. I was basically writing fanfic even before knowing what fanfic was! When I got older and went to high school and university, I fell in love with studying literature. During my school years I focused on a more academic kind of writing. I love researching and writing essays–this type of writing will always be close to my heart. Through it all, though, creative writing has been a big part of my life. I’ve always kept a journal and I’ve always had a few stories rattling around in my head! I think I was always meant to be an author.

Yes! I’ve had the story on my mind for a number of years. I took an English teacher’s advice and waited until I thought that I was a competent enough writer to put it to paper.

When I was a kid, I would look at my furniture in the dark and think that it looked like a monster! Our minds can play tricks on us, especially late at night and when we’re feeling a bit nervous. I wrote the story to reflect the feeling of being scared of something in the dark, only to find out it’s something silly, like your favorite chair.

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